Mobility Plan 2045

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South Knoxville Waterfront Roadway Improvements
I think this project is very necessary. However, I think the roundabout is the wrong solution for this area. That intersection is very dangerous currently as it is a blind curve when cars are parked along Sevier, you can't see on-coming traffic when coming from Island Home Ave and the cars coming off James White Parkway only slow down when they hit the railroad tracks. I understand the idea is to keep traffic moving but this is going to be an increasingly pedestrian area and a 4 way stop or a 4 way traffic light stop would be much safer for pedestrians. In the U.S., roundabouts are a much more suburban solution. We do not have good urban driving practices or tight,dense urban spaces where they work well like they do in England. I oppose a roundabout (especially if it requires demolishing a potentially historic home which was in the initial plan I believe) but I think the other infrastructure elements are good.