Mobility Plan 2045

4 Total Comments for Farragut
I-40/I-75/Campbell Station Road Interchange
This interstate exit is long overdue for both traffic and pedestrian improvements. It typically backs up to Parkside / Grigsby Chappell and stacks up on the exit ramp. With the increased building and backups in Hardin Valley Exit 373 has become the shortcut across the ridge to get to the west end of Hardin Valley. With the increased building in the Choto/Northshore area you are seeing traffic using Campbell Station to Northshore as the new route of choice.
I-40/I-75/Campbell Station Road Interchange
Although much has changed in the 50+ years since the construction of the I-40 Campbell Station Rd interchange, the basic roadway width beneath the interstate has not. Given the growth of Farragut to the south, the growth of Hardin Valley to the north, the development of Turkey Creek Shopping district, the addition of numerous hotels in the immediate area, and with the plan to add Top Golf nearby, the time to widen the road under the interstate is way long overdue. In addition to the traffic congestion at this underpass, given the topography, the existing drainage system has proven to be inadequate during times of high rainfall and has resulted in underpass flooding and road closure. The improvement of this underpass is THE most important need in this area of Knox County both for the convenience of local residents, the need of local businesses, and the safety of local and non-local traffic. I have become aware that one suggestion for widening the underpass road width would be to remove the 45 degree embankments on both sides of road, replace them with support walls, and then widen the road to add additional lanes. As an engineer, this seems to me to be an effective and cost conscious approach to resolving this bottleneck. In any case, I urge you to proceed with this I-40/Campbell Station Rd. improvement project without delay.
Kingston Pike (SR-1) Widening
While I would like to see bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure in this area, I do not like the idea of widening this stretch of roadway. Traffic light synchronization and alternative routes would be a better solution than creating a 70'+/- crossing for pedestrians.
Virtue Road Reconstruction
This stretch of road is the most dangerous narrow road in the Town of Farragut with its blind off camber curves and hills. 4,000 + cars every morning and afternoon in and out of Choto and Loudon County have figured out that this is a shortcut to Kingston Pike. Impossible to walk or bike this pastoral area of Farragut.